Storm Utility Restoration and Vegetation Management in Dallas, TX

A large commercial utility truck with a crane.

Utility Specialists

When the power goes out during storms, restoring service quickly and safely is essential. When you need reliable and effective utility storm restoration in Dallas, TX, and surrounding communities, you can always count on Tufts Tree Service.

We are also highly skilled in vegetation management and utility restoration during storms, including ice and snow storms, and other natural disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes.

If utilities need to be restored quickly, get help from our utility restoration specialists by calling (469) 528-0494.

Our Utility Storm Restoration and Vegetation Management Services

Communities know they can rely on Tufts Tree Service for utility storm restoration and vegetation management in Dallas, TX. We are experienced professionals dedicated to safely restoring power and clearing any vegetation and other debris from sites so utilities can be restored. Here are a few reasons our experienced personnel are trusted for these services:

  • We are EHAP (Electrical Hazard Awareness Program) certified.
  • All crews carry first-aid equipment.
  • All crews are CPR and AED certified.
  • We service utilities in all sorts of adverse conditions from storms to ice, snow, hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • We have a small fleet available for dispatch.

We are also experts in vegetation management and have an expert team and specialized equipment to clear trees and other vegetation from power lines. In all our services our goal is to help companies restore utility services to communities throughout the area.

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When you need immediate help with utility storm restoration and vegetation management in Dallas, TX, rely on the trusted professionals at Tufts Tree Service. You can reach us by calling (469) 528-0494.