Deep Root Feeding

Tree Roots

What You Need to Know About Deep Root Feeding

Sometimes, trees in your yard need a little extra help to stay as healthy as possible. Often, when trees are transplanted to new soil to grow (which often happens in yards and home landscapes) the soil that the tree now grows in doesn’t provide the ample nutrition that a tree in a forest would naturally receive. As a result, the tree doesn’t grow to what it could, and it may need to be fertilized to stay healthy. This is where deep root feeding, or deep root fertilization, comes in.

Many residential and commercial areas of Dallas, TX can benefit from deep root feeding, as it only helps the trees in the area grow and stay as healthy as possible! Deep root feeding occurs when the soil the tree is in is injected with fertilizer, providing even the tree’s deepest roots with nutrients that it otherwise wouldn’t get. Just sprinkling fertilizer on the soil above won’t help the tree much. Deep root fertilization, where fertilizer is injected deep into the soil, is where you can really help your tree. Want to learn more about our many different tree services? Talk with Tufts Tree Service in Dallas, TX at (469) 528-0494 today!

Ensuring Plant Growth

Often, trees transplanted into urban areas benefit the most from deep root feeding, though all trees transplanted elsewhere only benefit from this method. The goal of our tree services is to keep your trees as healthy as possible! Your trees may need deep root feeding if the tree’s leaves are smaller than normal, if you see many dead spots on your tree’s leaves, if your tree’s branches are thinning or dying, or if there is a major reduced output of foliage on your trees.

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Do you want to learn more about how deep root feeding in Dallas, TX can specifically help you? All trees can benefit from this technique, though trees transplanted into urban areas tend to really need this service. We’ll answer all the questions that you may have! To learn more, talk with Tufts Tree Service at (469) 528-0494 today!