Poison Ivy Abatement

Sign warning of poison ivy.

The Process of Poison Ivy Removal

It’s important to keep your outdoor space beautiful, but there are other things that are even more of a concern. Among these is ensuring your lawn and garden is clear of irritating plants such as poison ivy. You can find the help you need getting rid of poison ivy in Dallas, TX  outdoor spaces by calling the Tufts Tree Service team at (469) 528-0494

Why Poison Ivy Abatement is a Challenge

Unfortunately, poison ivy abatement can be far more of a challenge than you may realize. These plants must be fully killed prior to their removal, and you need to use the proper protective gear to prevent any irritating itches during the removal process. 

Because it can be such a chore, many homeowners and business owners opt for professional poison ivy removal rather than do it themselves. Not only does this keep you from accidentally exposing yourself to the plant, but it gives you peace of mind knowing the poison ivy is dead and gone. Additionally, it can be easy to add on this help with your certified arborist services or commercial tree services.

Other Help You Can Recieve

There are other things to consider when it comes to poison ivy abatement, as well. One of the most challenging aspects of poison ivy removal is finding somewhere to dispose of the plants once they have been killed and cleared. Even when they are killed, poison ivy can still cause rashes and irritation. This means it’s important to find a safe and secure place to dispose of the poison ivy after the removal process. 

By working with professionals, you can be certain the poison ivy is removed from your property entirely. This means it will not be left behind at the back of your lawn or in your trash cans where it can still pose a problem. 

Professional Help for Poison Ivy Abatement

Are you searching for someone to help with the process of removing poison ivy from your property? If that’s the case, the team at Tufts Tree Service can be there for you. Whether you just have a few straggling vines or you have too much poison ivy growing in your outdoor space to count, we can help with killing and removing it. This way you can be certain you no longer have to worry about poison ivy on your property. If you’re ready to get rid of this irritating plant, call Tufts Tree Service at (469) 528-0494 today for poison ivy abatement in Dallas, TX.