Oak Wilt Treatment

A Diseased Oak Leaf.

Oak Wilt

Unfortunately, there are many things that can negatively affect an oak tree. Hypoxylon cankers are a fungus that can infect oak trees and greatly harm them. Oak wilt is another disease that can kill oak trees. Oak wilt is possibly the biggest disease that can affect oak trees, so it’s definitely one that you need to look out for. This disease can also infect all different types of oak trees, such as red oak and live oak. As a result of this disease, your oak tree may appear to have fungus growing in it, and the colors of the tree may change. There are different symptoms of the tree in all oaks. A good judge of hand is that if your oak tree is looking diseased and appearing odd, you may have an unhealthy tree or even oak wilt.

But we can help you! Our team knows how to quickly survey your yard and find the oak trees that are diseased or suffering from oak wilt. Immediately, we work to improve the health of your entire yard, and all your trees. We know how troublesome and worrisome having diseased trees can be. So, let us help you out. To learn more about our oak wilt treatment services in Dallas, TX, talk with Tufts Tree Service at (469) 528-0494 today!

Our Oak Wilt Treatments

There are many ways that your oak tree in your yard can get the oak wilt disease. Often, other diseased oak trees roots will touch your trees, and then the oak wilt will spread to your formerly healthy oak trees. Sap beetles can also carry the disease from one tree to another. Therefore, it’s actually quite easy for your oak tree to get this disease, which isn’t great. But as long as you have an eye out for this and take the necessary precautions, your oak trees will be fine! And we can help you with all of this!

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Oak trees can become diseased from a variety of different things and reasons, though oak wilt is definitely the most common and biggest worry for those who have oak trees in their yards. But when you work with us, we take that worry on for you! Want to learn more about our oak wilt treatments in Dallas, TX, and how they can help you and your yard? Talk with Tufts Tree Service at (469) 528-0494 today!