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If you’re having issues with your trees, working with arborists you can rely on is such a big, and necessary, step. When you work with us, you don’t have to stress about a job well done. Our team of trained and certified workers ensures that we solve any issues that you may have with your trees, all the while keeping your trees and yard healthy. We completely understand the worries that diseased trees can bring, so let us help you and keep this disease from spreading! To enhance and protect your home, along with preventing illnesses and infestations, we specialize in tree removal and stump removal. When you need reliable tree removal in Southlake, TX, look to the experts at Tufts Tree Service and give our team a call at (469) 528-0494.

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While insects and fungi are often the cause of tree disease, we’ll work and help to save your property regardless of the main underlying cause of your diseased trees! With our tree removal services, we also help to increase the growth and health of your whole property — and all your other trees. Regrettably, tree removal may be necessary for trees that are dead, dying, or can no longer be rescued from disease. If you need our team to clean up branches and trees after severe weather, we are also available for those services. When you want to make certain your trees are properly fertilized and have strong root systems, you can rely on our professional arborists. Overfertilization can create serious problems for your trees, so depend on our team to make certain they are healthy. From tree removal to tree disease treatments, we have so many different services dedicated to helping you solve your tree problems. Chat with Tufts Tree Service today at (469) 528-0494 to learn even more about our services in Southlake, TX! Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and we are eager to assist with the services you need.

  • Tree Removal Looking for someone certified to remove the trees in your yard? We can help get this job done in no time!
  • Stump Removal / Grinding Get rid of those tree stumps in your yard with our expert help today.
  • Tree Trimming / Pruning Keep your trees in the best health possible with consistent trimming and pruning, when needed. We can help!
  • Commercial Tree Service Are you looking for tree help on your commercial property? Regardless of what you need help with, we’re a phone call away!
  • Certified Arborist Services It’s vital that you work with arborists who are certified and who know what they’re doing!
  • Tree Fertilizing Service Fertilizing your trees is a great way to ensure that your trees are getting the best nutrients needed. We can help!
  • Diseased Tree Treatment Are your trees looking rather diseased? Give us a call now and we’ll help you out immediately.
  • Oak Wilt Treatment A common disease specific to oak trees, we can help you out if your oaks are suffering from oak wilt.