Diseased Tree Treatment in Dallas, TX

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Is Your Tree Diseased?

Have your trees been looking a little worse for wear for the past few weeks? Have you noticed certain insects around your trees that you’ve never seen before? Are you worried that something, such as a fungus or a disease, is eating away at your tree? Regardless of the reason that’s making you worry, we can help! Our team of arborists is equipped to handle even the most difficult tree questions. If you’re worried about the state of your trees, we’ll survey your yard and get to work finding out what could be wrong with your trees, and whether they’re diseased or not.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons as to why your tree could be diseased. Everything from insects to fungi could be to blame. We’ll take these worries on for you and work to find out the problem as to why your trees have begun to wither — and we’ll work to fix it. We’ll also work hard to keep these insects or diseases from spreading to the other healthy trees in your yard! To learn more about our many different diseased tree treatments in Dallas, TX, talk with Tufts Tree Service at (469) 528-0494 today!

Our Diseased Tree Treatment Services

There are many reasons as to why your tree might currently be in bad condition. Often, harmful insects are to blame. Insects such as bagworms can harm your tree — and even kill healthy trees, if not taken care of. However, insects aren’t the only thing that can cause such turmoil in your yard! Fungi can also easily spread to your trees and plants, leaving behind leaf spots that only seem to get worse with each new day. While these spots may just seem to ruin the appearance of your trees and plants at first, the fungi to blame can go so far as to kill healthy plants if not taken care of. Just as with everything, if insects and fungi are left to their own devices, they can really harm all aspects of your yard. Therefore, if you notice anything amiss with your trees or plants, it’s always helpful to give us a call and we’ll survey everything for you. If we find any problems or notice any diseased trees, we’ll get right to work!

We have many different diseased tree treatment services dedicated to making your life just a little bit easier. We understand how stressful having a diseased tree, or trees, might be. So, let us help you out! We’ll deal with the diseased trees, but we’ll also work to ensure that your healthy trees stay healthy. Our services are all designed to keep your yard as healthy as possible, always! Want to learn more about our diseased tree treatments in Dallas, TX? Talk with Tufts Tree Service at (469) 528-0494 today to learn how we can specifically help you!

  • Bagworm Treatment Don’t let bagworms continue to ruin, and even kill, your trees. Call us today.
  • Cottonwood Borer Treatment Cottonwood borers work to harm your trees. These insects won’t just naturally go away, and you may need our help to properly deal with them.
  • Fire Blight Treatment Fire blight can ruin both the appearance and the stability and health of your trees. Let us help you with this problem!
  • Hypoxylon Canker Treatment Hypoxylon cankers are fungus that can harm your trees and make them diseased very quickly.
  • Lace Bug Treatment Another insect that can greatly harm your trees, lace bugs are tiny insects that can quickly cause infestations.
  • Leaf Spot Treatment Leaf spots can be caused by anything, though they are often caused by fungi. Let us take a look and solve this major problem for you.
  • Oak Wilt Treatment Oak trees can be harmed by various problems, though oak wilt is definitely the biggest and most common. Call us today!
  • Root Rot Treatment Root rot can affect both potted and outdoor plants in the soil. With enough drainage and extra help, we can solve your root rot problems.
  • Tree Insect Treatment There are various insects that will work to harm your tree and infest your yard. Let us deal with these insects today!